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Yesterday's blog spoke about the true value of home ownership and how we are getting back to those values.  Middle age parents who have owned a home understand its true value. A home has always been a good long term financial investment. However, homeownership also has many other benefits. I was ...
For the last ten years, every time we talked about real estate we immediately discussed money. We didn't talk about the value of a home but instead about the price of the house. We didn't worry about a roof over our heads but instead the ceiling on our interest rate. We didn't care as much about ...
My son has Asperger's Syndrome and the world can't keep up with him.  He is brilliant, beyond creative and has a bigger heart than most.  I know what people are thinking when they glare at me, because he is behaving in a way they don't understand.  I have heard the giggles as we walk away. So wha...
Imagine... you list a house for sale and start marketing it. While talking to your seller you learn that they purchased the home is 2003, have very little equity and will just break even on the sale.  You also learn that since purchasing the home, they have taken out loans on two cars, accumulate...
Homeowners often fret over having photos taken of their home.  An experienced photographer should be able to offer advice on which rooms and photos will look best.  Don't expect your photographer to clean the home, but they can advise you on simple solutions to make photos look better. Here is a ...

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