I come from a software engineering background.  Through my years being a programmer I found that whenever something got so complex that it was difficult to debug a problem, I would scrap it and redesign it.  That usually happened with amazing good results.  Better functionality, better usability ...
I've been tasked to set up a series of "Script Workshops" for our office.  I thought it was a great idea and somehow got volunteered!   When I went the KW Family Reunion, I totally changed my mind on scripts when someone asked "Would a singer get up on stage without practicing?".  As a singer (in...
I've been an agent for less than 6 months.  My office says they support teams but almost everyone works as an individual.  I've worked as a manager and team leader in my previous career for 20 years!  My mentor says I should establish myself and build my team.  Gary Keller says the same... or wor...
I've been busy. Very busy. So I'll describe the week of a new real estate agent.I've worked 6 days this week. Usually 8+ hours a day.(26 hours) )I've planned for 5 open houses this week at 4 different places. The first time you are at a new place, it takes about 2 hours of planning, setting up si...

Kathy Becklin

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Capturing the pleasures and frustrations of living and working on the beautiful island of Maui.