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Oregon has been a popular moving destination thanks to those wagon toting settlers who paved the way out west almost 200 years ago.  Although, the moving process has gotten easier and bouts of Cholrea have signifcantly decreased, Oregon continues to attract more movers than any other state in the...
Facebook offers businesses a way to engage and interact with current and potential clients as well as members in the community.   Photos, videos, status updates and links let you actively put information about your business, properties, and industry directly in front of your customers.Helpful pos...
I received a bit a shock when I tried to pay my rent the other day.  Since I work near my landlord’s management office, I typically deliver my rental payment in person rather than sending it through the mail. My landlord doesn’t keep regular office hours, so most of the time I slide a labeled env...
While going through the Rentec Direct Blog archives I stumbled upon a gem of message written by the Rentec Direct’s President, Nathan Miller, examining the importance of treating your tenant as a valued customer.  With years of customer service and public relations under my belt, the idea resonat...
With Halloween only 2 weeks away, it is time to get ready for the holiday and make a plan to ensure everyone enjoys a safe celebration.  The spooky holiday screams for safety as kids of all ages get ready for a sugar loaded freight fest.  As a landlord or property manager, you cannot always coun...
Over the weekend my roommate made a new best friend.     A furry best friend...   A furry best friend that now lives with us...     Smash-faced and adorable, a new french bulldog named Kujo is now calling my house, home.     Now, to be fair, this new addition was not totally out of the blue.  Ku...
When I first moved up to Oregon from California, I did a marathon driving day with my tiny car stuffed full, cds from my high school days blasting Spice Girls and Britney, and my amazing father driving behind me, towing an 18-foot horse trailer, packed tight with all the ikea furniture a recent c...

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