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 When searching for a new house to buy, a large selection to choose from can be a great thing and it can be very frustrating as well.  In a market such as Palm Coast, buyers can easily get overwhelmed in an online search which would produce almost 2,000 different properties.  Here are some tips f...
 One of the more confusing things in Real Estate can be the "value" of your property.  On just your one property you probably can find three different "values".  So let's take a look at what they are:Assessed Value - This is the value assigned to our property for tax purposes.  Often this is the ...
It's no secret that foreclosures have been one of the biggest news stories in the world of Real Estate lately.  Many wonder how did that happen?  Some may even think it is simply the unfortunate repercussion of buying something one couldn't afford.  Well, that may be true in some respects and in ...
  One of those old sayings we often hear in reference to crime is "You could go to sleep and leave the door unlocked."  That is a wonderful notion, but the truth is that most of us would not leave unlocked doors even in the lowest crime areas.  Locks on doors serve as a detterent to those who may...
  Remember this screen from "The Matrix"?  With numbers and statistics flowing constantly in blogs and news reports, Real Estate sellers and buyers can often be confused at what is really important to know about a market in making Real Estate decisions.  In my opinion, here are the most important...
As various news reports come out about the Real Estate Market, changes in the industry, and the overall future picture; I can not help be amazed at the comparisons to other industries used as examples.  I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a few.First, the Travel Industry.  This is one of...
Current Active Residential Properties for Sale: 14Average List Price: $777,776Lowest List Price: $385,000Highest List Price: $1,149,990Current Active Residential Vacant Homesites for Sale: 111Average List Price: $256,028Lowest List Price: $115,000Highest List Price: $529,900Year-to-Date Resdentia...
Current Active Residential Houses for Sale: 104Average List Price: $259,730Lowest List Price: $159,900Highest List Price: $609,000Current Active Residential Vacant Homesites for Sale: 102Average List Price: $86,019Lowest List Price: $25,000Highest List Price: $219,000Year-to-Date Resdential Home ...


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