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Culture   2014- Word Of The Year!   A nation, a workplace, an ethnicity, a passion, an outsized personality.  These are a few findings in regards to the most search word   Culture in the Meriam-Webster Dictionary       Google search  Culture -------------------------------------------------------...
.......VS.......     I don't think I have spoke to one little girl yet who cannot stop talking about the movie "Frozen"  Although they are chattering about Elsa, Anna and Olaf.   I am totally lost!!   When I think of frozen,   I think of wintertime nightmares in property management.  Frozen pipes...
We use to think cash was the way to go.  Pulling out our rolls of cash from our wallet looking like a big shot and laying the dough down was cool and how about accepting cash? It use to be safe but now when you hand out cash people look at you twice, hold the money up in front of the lights looki...
 Wouldn't you agree that the majority of us are carrying some type of electronic device whether for business or personal use?   I bought my 77 year old mother a phone so she could have it for emergencies, so she is packin too!  But with these small devices we also need to remember to safeguard th...
  Recently I was chatting with a friend about his  tenant screening practices and his experience on renting out a studio on his property.  Though he advertised that it was a STUDIO and he did NOT accept pets he said he attracted ALL kinds of interesting people.  He was in shock on the kind of res...
Tenant screening begins as soon you have a vacancy.  Whether you start showing a unit to a prospective tenant before the property is rent-ready or you leave out the important details in your ad you start setting the stage for the type of renters you will attract.   On the other hand, good curb ap...
Just like following a recipe for your favorite dessert we should have a recipe that we follow for our tenant screening ,otherwise if we do not it could be a recipe for Disaster!!   In order to have consistent results we all know it is not a good idea to cut corners.  Same applies with tenant bac...
 Me, Me Me....(my wicked laugh echoes......)      Just kidding..... Here at Rentec Direct headquarters (property management software) my primary focus is support/service so of course when I am in a position to receive customer service whether it is on the phone or in person I tend to be a little ...
                                          This time of year we have been talking about what we should do with our leftover pumpkins (Read: Throwback Thursday-Wait Don't Throw That!)  halloween safety tips (Read Kaycee's Blog: Tips For a Fun and Safe Halloween)  and our costume ideas.  But while w...
                                  We now LOVE ......Pigs in a Pumpkin             ------ Kathryn is a member of Rentec Direct who provides property management software and tenant screening options.  To learn more Click Here

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