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There are days when it is great to be Wordless and just enjoy natures beauty   Walking on the Rogue River Greenway  yesterday there was a lot of baby squirrels out and about.   Can you find the one in Camo??         Camo Boy (or Girl)  Revealed:     Enjoy -- Kathryn Member of Rentec Direct who pr...
  I have the pleasure to interact with customers via email or phones who have questions regarding our property management software or tenant screening .  So writing emails and trying to come up with something creative or new is sometimes challenging ... because lets face it after responding to th...
      How important is security deposits???   The property manager decided to be nice and let this nice young couple move in with only a few hundred dollars that they had for a security deposit with the promise to make payments on the remaining balance.   As you can tell from the story line, this...
 Here at Rentec Direct I received a call from a potential customer who was shopping around for property management software.  He was so happy that I answered the phone and that he was speaking to a "LIVE PERSON"!!!  He was telling me how I wouldn't believe what just happened when he was researchi...
  The sun is shining,  smell the fresh spring air, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and it is now time for what?   Some of you are yelling “Hip...Hip....Hooray” ..I love to Spring Clean Some of you over achievers are already done! The rest of you are grumbling….. Some of you love the thou...
I work for a property management software and tenant screening company.  So when I blog my articles is information about these products, but today was a harsh reminder that there is something just as important as tenant screening and that is employee screening! We had a dear customer of ours hire...
Waking up the Tiger!!  Thank goodness she is behind a fence!  Nice kitty, kitty!   Picture taken at the Wildlife Safari, Winston OR -- Kathryn is a member of Rentec Direct who provides property management software and tenant screening reports.  To Learn More Click Here    
I have a pleasure of working for a web-based property management software and tenant screening company where we manage everything via phone and computer.  For some of you out there you manage your business and day to day tasks with your cell phones. No longer do you need to sit behind a desk wait...
Ok, AR Did I come to the right place?  I heard that there are Real Estate Agents on this site is that true?  I heard they love to share comments.....   If so then maybe they will share some feedback on this:                                                Recently my mother put her house up for sa...
    We offer tenant screening service (Learn more.. Click Here), so there are times we get a call about understanding the credit report.  One of the common questions is why there is a "No Score" or “Unable to Score”.     Here is a few possibilities why:   > Incorrect social security number. Confi...

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