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My expertise is two-fold. Practicing real estate in the Houston area for more than 20 years is a demonstration of my survival, if not expertise. I am passionate for the survival of the individual real estate agent and will be discussing how to succeed with the internet enabled clients.
In my post earlier this evening, I asked the question about whether WE will be the next real estate SuperStars.  From just a few postings, it seems that many recognize the potential for profit from learning to use social media.  You can look at my original blog here:
If only 3-6% of the current agents have the ability to maximize the use of a blog, will we be the next group of agents positioned to be highly paid professionals?I wish I would have bookmarked the post of a video recorded at the Inman Conference earlier this month.  Thanks to the post of one of m...
Ask your friends and relatives to bring food with them when they join you for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  The Montgomery County Food Bank will hold its own Souper Bowl during the week after the football game.Since people are already getting together during the game, it is a good time to share your...
When people in other parts of the country are digging themselves out from under snow every day, it is time for you to prepare the soil for your summer garden.  Our winters are very short.  Some years our biggest gardening challenge is the fact that we have not gotten sufficient hours under the fr...
Many people wax nostalgic when they think of escaping the city or the tiny suburban lot and moving to the country.  However, few are really prepared for the experience.  There is much more to investigate in a country home, so be sure that you have an agent that is familiar with the issues to be y...
When people buy a home in The Woodlands, they rarely know that Montgomery County has a distinction not found in other counties around the state.  As people learn of the history of this area, visions of ranchers in the wild west come to mind.  I could tell you lots of stories that have become lege...
An "Exhibition in Music" will be performed to celebrate The Woodlands Symphony's 15th year on February 9, 2008.  The concert will showcase award-winning original compositions from students in Conroe Independant School District and Rice University's Shepard School of Music.The Woodlands Symphony i...
This may be a trick question for some of you.  You may be experiencing a big downturn in real estate sales right now.  When there are a lot of foreclosures, the shortage of buyers is a short-lived issue.  Soon, buyers will show up ready, willing and able to buy houses - but at a much lower price ...
Years ago, I had a column in business section of The Montgomery County Courier.  I was looking through a few of the articles I wrote during my three year stint of writing the column and came across a few that might be helpful to buyers and sellers of real estate.  Every once in a while, I will pu...
A primary source of new business for me is people relocating to the Houston area from another state.  They have surfed the internet for information about the area.  They have found this wonderful master-planned community with naturally forested trees, more than 150 miles of hike and bike trails, ...

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