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“Whoever does not wish to render history incomprehensible by departmentalizing it – political, economic, social – would perhaps take the view that it is in essence a battle of dominant wills, fighting in every way they can for the material which is common to everything they construct: the human labor force.” – Bertrand De Jouvenel I used to be part of the problem, now I'm hoping to be part of the solution. For 20 years I've helped families in Utah acquire loans. I refinanced hundreds if not a thousand mortgages, I've also helped hundreds of home buyers throughout Utah and other locations. Though I didn't realize at the time I was part of a economic system that is strangling and subjecting millions to economic slavery. I'm not suggesting that mortgage lending is "evil" or unnecessary, however, even after the Mortgage Meltdown in 2007, we still give money to millions who are not ready, nor have the "thinking" or "habits" they need to pay down their mortgage. I always knew that the posted rates we gave our borrowers were based on our customers paying their entire loan off over 15 or 30 years. What the borrowers never realized is what the "REAL" interest rate they were being charged by their banks. This blog will hopefully help those ethical mortgage and real estate agents who understand the great responsibility they have in helping their customers acquire what we call the "American Dream". I hope this blog also gives the prospective homeowner prepare themselves financially for making such an important purchase decision. I also want to caution those homeowners considering their mortgage as a giant piggy bank to draw against for expenses that will never provide any type of long lasting return. Thanks for reading my blog.



I knew it wouldn't be long but government is finally coming to the rescue!!!  We'll before you get too excited, check out the new proposal that Freddie Mac is touting.  New ProposalMy state in particular has been hit with every known investment scam possible.  But this proposal is another one of ...
I've written a number of articles on the mortgage merge account, or mortgage checking account and there are new names for this technique being created by new MLM's every day.  It's one of the fastest growing undercurrents in America.  The big question, is it really worth the money your friends ar...
This might sound harsh, but I'm ticked off right now with one of the more talented men in our industry.  I've been a member of the Strategic Equity for over two years.  I attended both of their Event's in Vegas, and I've been a subscriber to Mortgage Planning Magazine.  Frankly Steven Marshall is...
I've been flamed by a number of well meaning United First Financial agents already, and I'm sure this post will generate another group of hate emails.  But let's be honest folks, the long term affects of this new program are still far from being complete.  The honest agent is going to point out t...
Sometimes articles you write can become hot topics months after you've written them...Here is an example of one such blog I wrote some time ago.  No More Spamming,  it wasn't really very popular, but you can tell who's drinking the Kool-Aid, you can either go back and read the message through the...
Over the holidays I was talking to my father about a new business project, and he made the comment that he needed to make a million dollars in the next couple of years.  That started me thinking, how hard would it be to make a million dollars, and what if you could do it in one year.So I sat down...
It's the first of the year and my wife and I were discussing where we want to go this summer with our family.  I suggested a road trip down the Oregon coast.  We'd start at the Columbia river and work our way down to the Redwood Forest in California, and then across the state through Nevada and b...


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