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Hi and welcome to my blog! There is so much great information here that I warn you to give yourself enough time to find it all. And, if you can't do that, just remember to come often as the information here is constantly changing.
Laughter Does A Heart Good Every one at one time or another needs a good laugh or two to see them through a rough spot or a hard time in their lives.  Even if that is not the case, a good bout of laughter can uplift anyone's spirits and help them see things in a much more positive light. Laughter...
Renting vs. Buying Lake Killarney Cary McHenry County Illinois Have you ever wondered what would be better for you, renting or buying your home????  Well, BankRate.com has this video available for your viewing that should give you a good overview of some topics and facts you should consider when ...
Entertaining Video   Here is an absolutely delightful video that my husband saw while watching the news this morning.  You won't be able to keep from smiling on this one.     I know that I had a hard time keeping a straight face while watching this one. Amazing how little ones can always bring p...
Compliments Soothe A Savage Beast No matter what happens to you throughout the day, there isnothing more rewarding than having someone call you or personally say to you face to face how much you mean to them.  They appreciate what you've done or are trying to do for them.   This happened to me t...
  A New Trend Arising In This Marketplace Cary IL McHenry County IL I’ve seen a scenario that has arisen in this marketplace as of late.More and more parents are becoming involved with the purchase of homes for their children. It’s a great world to see that the family group still seems to be in p...
Spring Renewal Alive And Thriving!         It's such a wonderful time of the year, Spring.  So much new life budding and growing all around us.         Spring Renewal Alive And Thriving!     Last November, we did a major planting project with a local nursery, Countryside, furnishing the suggestio...
  Rakow Road Construction Begins Cary IL McHenry County IL In case you haven’t heart, the scheduled construction work for Rakow Road in McHenry County has begun. Rakow Road is one of the most highly used roads in the McHenry County area of Illinois.  Being that the construction is due to start, i...
According to REALTORMag, our realtor monthly magazine, government agencies are investigating the practices of Wells Fargo as to the proper procedures involved in the handling of their home foreclosures. There is a good chance that Wells Fargo will be facing penalties for the way in which they ha...
  My husband sent me this email about an actual polar bear attack that I had to share with you.  It puts a huge smile on my face on the days that I need it the most.  Tell me if you don’t agree! Parental discretion is advised... Polar Bear attack in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. These are pictures...
  Animal Fundraiser Tinman's - Fox River Grove IL   Hi everybody.  Thank you to all that came out last Sunday to the Animal Fundraiser sponsored by Tin Man’s Sports Pub in Fox River Grove, IL. The fundraiser was a huge success with many gifts and donations from the participants who attended.  The...

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