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The last four or five weeks have been both crazy, and very, very draining.  Going back to May 9th when my last Cardiac Catheterization was done, and May 8th when my last EchoCardiogram was done... and it was decided that surgery was absolutely necessary.. things in my life these past six weeks ha...
Today is Father's Day. Pop would have been 94 if he was still "physically with us."  Pop was born in 1919... and passed away in 1988. He's probably spending today watching one of the golf tournaments on television.  I hear they have some pretty nice recliners where he is.  I also hear the cable r...
A little over a week ago a post appeared on Active Rain.  It was all about WHO was going to hit the Two Million Point goal First! In this post... Lenn Harley was in the lead, with Todd Clark in Second Place, and Pat Kennedy in Third Place. But... that begs the question: Does having the Most Point...
Yes, today is Ash Wednesday.  And yes, I just asked you if you "got your tree up yet?" Yeah.  I know. "What tree?"  Now what is she talking about? Well... I mean the "Ash Wednesday Tree."  Think about it.  The tree that just about everyone knows about... is the Christmas Tree.  And oh, this year....
OK.  Try and follow along with me here.  We're going on a journey... you and me. I just put on my hip boots.  My "waders" I guess you would call them.  And then, in my imagination, I shrunk myself, and climbed into my own brain.  Yes, I mean "inside" my brain. I'm pretty small now.  And I am slos...
I just read an interesting post by Bryan Robertson.  His post is about using Voice Dictation Software to help him be more efficient in his blogging... both in writing posts and in commenting. There have been times when I fleetingly thought about using Voice Dictation Software... but I quickly cha...
Over the last few days surrounding the Presidential Election, questions came up about the Electoral College.  They come up every four years, like clockwork. Most folks who wrote those comments were almost unanimous in saying that the Electoral College was out-dated, and that we no longer need it....
Happy Halloween!  Yeppers... it's Halloween.  There are many really cute posts floating around on Active Rain over the past few days. So... what is this Halloween thing, anyway? Lots of porch and front yard home decorations, lots of really cute little kids with their Halloween costumes on, and e...
I used to have this girlfriend whose husband just never paid any attention to her.  It turns out the poor guy was hard of hearing. So... wifey took him to a specialist, and ended up purchasing hearing aids for him.  They were those special ones that needed to be implanted. Well... one day her hub...
Earlier tonight I read a post by Karen Fiddler in which she talked about the recent death of her beloved husband David.  The theme of her post was that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger... and that the love they had... still remains.  Gosh, I wish I had her strength.   For me, it has been ye...

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