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Over the next 2 years bank foreclosures and REO homes as well as short sales are going to be an all time high. Our office has been successful in helping home owners avoid foreclosure by doing short sales. Investers & owner occupied can take advantage of these bargain prices.



Keeping your home spic and span can sometimes feel like too tough a challenge. No matter how often you clean, the house seems to get dirty again before the floors have even dried. For those who don't have hours to spend cleaning, worry not! There are simple, effective ways to keep your home clean...
If the forecasts are right, it's going to be a bumpy weather. Record rains are predicted - great(ish) for Californians who've been suffering under drought conditions, except for that pesky potential for floods. In other areas, below-normal temperature and above-normal snow and ice are the fears."...
One of the most useful research projects of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is the annual survey of homebuyers and sellers. It is particularly useful because it shows sellers and their agents what works and what sources buyers use to find their new homes.The most recent version (2015 ...
Black Friday didn't get its name because people all dress in dark clothes to shop in an effort to camouflage the six-pound thanksgiving weight gain. (Although, that does make sense.) It's so named because it's traditionally the first day of the year when many retailers first see a profit.But if t...
Termites -- or other so-called "wood boring insects" -- can wreck havoc to both your home and your pocket book. Many parts of the country are affected by termites, and every homeowner -- or potential homeowner -- must be aware of the problems and the solutions.Since the late 1980's, when environm...
Question: Our board wrestles with whether it has the authority to modify the formal architectural design policy.Answer: This kind of policy is generally amendable by the board when it's in resolution form (a separate document outside the recorded governing documents). If the policy is part of the...
It may be difficult to save money when tempted by the endless technology, apps, services and gadgets saturating the marketplace. Fortunately, many choices don't require a monthly contract and can be purchased outright without any ongoing fees other than the use of your Wi-Fi signal. Here are some...
If you're like most homebuyers, you're not taking any chances. You want to own a home, but you've struggled to save for a down-payment. You waited until you were 31 years of age to buy a home, and plan to stay there at least 10 years. You believe that buying a home is a sound investment.Like othe...
A home is a place where many of your major milestone memories are made, including those related to holidays, parties and more. This is also a place where daily life activities take place, such as chatting with your family over morning coffee, chatting about your day in the evening and other activ...
When you and your Realtor sit down to price your home, you'll be looking at competitive homes that are the most similar in size, location and amenities as your home. You may find that prices can be thousands of dollars higher or lower. It's tempting to pick the highest price and say, "Let's list ...

Sharon Sigman

Sharon Sigman
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