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Over the next 2 years bank foreclosures and REO homes as well as short sales are going to be an all time high. Our office has been successful in helping home owners avoid foreclosure by doing short sales. Investers & owner occupied can take advantage of these bargain prices.



Cameras in our homes have gone from the exclusive preserve of those with Picassos and Monets hanging in the hallway to an inexpensive option for anybody to build a simple DIY home security set up.The debut of Wi-Fi cameras, known as IP cameras, means you no longer have to hire an electrician to r...
Is your home out of date and on the frumpy side? Lost its sexy? If so, you'll have trouble selling your home for top dollar. Looks matter, and homebuyers want to see themselves and their tastes reflected in their surroundings.Just as you have developed a comfort level with your home, and perhaps ...
Question: My first wife passed away several years ago. After she died, I sold the home we bought; this was the home I wanted to leave to our children when I died. I have now remarried. We have a home in another State, which I will leave to my current wife. Recently, we bought a home in Maryland a...
6414 Nebraska Court, Kansas City, KS 66102 $19900.00 Sharon Sigman Cell: (913) 488-8300 Phone: (913) 338-8444 Office: (913) 338-8444 Condo/Townhouse Status: Active   Bed: 3 Bath: 1.5 Sqft: 1232 MLS#: 1963736 Property Details Search More Properties Neighborhood Values Description: SHORT SALE barg...
Question: What is the difference between the CC&Rs and the rules and regulations? Even if the rules and regulations were never filed on the public record, would they hold up in a court of law?Answer: CC&Rs stands for "Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions". CC&Rs include the Declaration, Bylaws, R...
The influence of written goals: Research shows that writing down your goals and plans and sharing them with someone increases the probability of success Lay down your income and closed transaction objectives:Thin you have closed 20 transactions this year and aim to close 40 transactions next yea...
Home-buying is multi-tasking on steroids. Are you up for the challenge?On the surface, buying a home seems simple: find your dream home and buy it.In reality, this seemingly-simple task requires buyers to make a continuous stream of under-pressure decisions, often concerning issues and consequenc...
When an investor is considering the purchase of a commercial apartment building, there are certain qualities that they may consider deal breakers. While every landlord is different in regards to specific areas that they consider necessities prior to purchase, there are a few general things that e...
We saw an ad today for an acreage community in Texas offering barndominium shells during their Grand Opening special. That's right, barndominium shells.Don't know what that is? Yeah, neither did we (they're apparently structures built with prefabricated materials like metal shells, which can then...
Many a distraught homeowner has had to deal with water damage only to find out that their home insurance policy does not cover the damage. Here's how to make certain that you are not caught in that position.Avoid water damageProper home and appliance maintenance is the best prevention to water da...

Sharon Sigman

Sharon Sigman
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Kansas City is a very good area for investers in both single family homes to apartment & commercial buildings.We have lots of inventory for residential and commercial listings.