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Over the next 2 years bank foreclosures and REO homes as well as short sales are going to be an all time high. Our office has been successful in helping home owners avoid foreclosure by doing short sales. Investers & owner occupied can take advantage of these bargain prices.



Mortgage lender Fannie Mae just made a move to make homeownership more affordable, and it's one of many things that can help you save some cash when buying a home. If you're not taking advantage of every money-saving opportunity out there - and there are a lot of them - you're just leaving money ...
Right now, buyers have the best of both worlds -- home prices have risen, but they're still below the bubble of 2005, and mortgage interest rates are just above record lows. Yet, many buyers are still waiting for a sign that it's the right time to buy. Should you wait for prices to go down or for...
The following are tips to assure you understand what to expect and are investing in a property people really want to rent.Make a research first...If you are preparing to purchase a second home for use as a vacation rental, plan multiple trips to the desired destination, researching and walking fe...
Just when you thought you were out, it's pulling you back in. Yes, brass is back in town. "In contemporary design, all that glitters is no longer silver. Nor is it nickel, chrome or mirror-polished stainless steel, the similarly cool metal tones that have outsold other finishes on everything from...
You've probably heard how important curb appeal is when you're trying to sell your home. The first thing buyers look at when they pull up to your home is the big picture -- the house, the yard, the trees, the flowers. It's the impression that counts, and all it takes is one thing to ruin the effe...
The Internet is a great tool for looking at homes for sale, but sooner or later, you're going to have to get offline and tour listings in person. That means you'll have to find a real estate agent to get you past the lockboxes. Sounds simple? Not really. Here are six ways you could turn your hous...
Who says you have to stop with paint on the walls? A can of paint can easily transform a number of areas in your home, turning boring into beautiful. It's time to have fun with paint, all over your house (and outside too!). Paint your cabinets DIY paining your kitchen cabinets may not be a quick ...
The typical scenario goes something like this: the room that used to be the garage or the extra bedroom or maybe even the entire basement gets co-opted by the man of the house, adorned with all sorts of branded banners and other team-logoed stuff and is christened the Man Cave or the Dude Dungeon...
Can you tell me when you are in a room, restroom or hotel which is a mirror and which is a 2-way glass?Here’s a trick: it is quite interesting! And I know in about 30 seconds you are going to do my trick and find the nearest mirror you can see.Do you have any ideas how to determine if a mirror is...
An important skill must one have in a market that favors buyers is the ability to help your sellers regulate the listing price that will meet their expectations financially and get them qualified buyers. You know the importance of setting the right price; however, the homeowner is the one to set ...

Sharon Sigman

Sharon Sigman
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