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I have just found out today that I have been offered a position at Keller Williams in Dripping Springs!! I am so so so so so happy!!! Things have worked out perfectly. I will be working as a part of a property management team. This is really a great opportunity for me to ease into the business sl...
If you have read my other post, you know my situation. If not, please do. Anyhow, I want to start prospecting, but I am in a process of changing my broker. From what I understand, if I have spoken to a potential client, he/she would belong to mt current broker and, let's say, after I've left the ...
I always came across a real estate agent help sellers/buyers buy/sell or lease/rent their homes. But I have yet spoken to an apartment locator who helps people finding an apartment to stay with the commission paid by apartment complexes. What are the pros and cons here? Anyone knows? And also com...
Hi everyone, I am a new real estate agent who needs training, training, training and training. If you are a successful, busy agent or if you are looking into expanding your team to the next level, and need a real estate/personal assistant adding to your team to help you: -monitor and follow up al...
I obtained my license this Jan and have been with my broker since then. Despite my broker being a very nice lady ( I'm thankful for her taking me in under her wing), she leaves me feel lost most of the times. To cut long story short, I am considering changing my broker.   For the past week, I hav...


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