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"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."- Oliver Wendell HolmesHow to Get Your Business to the "Next Level"By Michael Masterson This past April, 30 experienced businesspeople joined me in the Palm Beach Ritz-Carlton Hotel for five days of i...
A Man With a Plan... but Will It Work?By Michael MastersonDB, a two-year ETR subscriber, is a 27-year-old, three-year employee of a Fortune 500 financial services company. The work is fine, he says, but he has a desire to "crack into real estate."In the past year, while keeping his day job, DB to...
"All men have equal rights to liberty, to their property, and to the protection of the laws."- Voltaire5 Key Points to Consider Before Incorporating Your BusinessBy Darius M. BarazandehWhether you're a real estate investor, an independent contractor, or a small-business owner, you may want to con...
Being a self employed licensed agent in the state of michigan has all the freedoms a "sky is the limit" attitude could ask for. I am naturally an early riser so I am always ahead of the majority and running even with the local competiton. Being a buyers agent for Michigans Premier real estate inv...
Many people categorize passion with objects such as companionship, love or even righteousness. Well I happen to be passionate about real estate. I have heredetary work-a-holic within my family. My father still is one, my grandfather was one and my great grandfather was even more of one. So half d...
Thers is no doubt that becoming a professional in the real estate businesses takes strategy, teamwork, structure and a strong discipline of time managment. Most people who have been in the business over a decade seem to look at real estate as a full time hobby not a career. Finding your niche wit...
With the amount of retail buyers looking to get great value in todays home purchase, many retail buyers prepare to get involved with bank owned properties and get financing in order to pounce the day a move in ready foreclosure hits the market. Working wtih retail buyers who look to capitalize on...
Being an agent who submits 5-20 offers on a weekly basis I am just antagonized at the amount of effort I have to put forth to find a deals current standing or to see if it was even submitted. With banks losing homes in record numbers and agents looking to get easy commissions, agents need to be i...
I am enjoying the free marketing those guys are doing for us down in South Carolina at Trademark Properties. While talking to clients who view our homes, they see what the REIA of Macomb Team puts in to each renovation and responds back with comments such as "Just like those guys who do it on tv"...
A couple weeks ago I attended a meeting and observed new tactics to getting more offers accepted whether they be private or REO homes. Upon taking this knowledge into application over the next week or so I noticed a direct correlation of falling perfectly within the guidelines and the banks count...

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