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I recently came across a very funny comic that illistrated kids dressed up in costumes walking down the street to find most houses were foreclosed and not handing candy out. It struck me as the trickle down effect that finally takes toll on societies innocent kids. On another note I am proud to b...
I have too many mixed feelings about the recent "freeze" Bush has blanketed the U.S. with. Being a conscienscious individual I am (unlike many others around me) concerned about peoples well being. In one aspect this may be a partial token to helping balance the economy to a steadfast uprise. Alth...
Some time back I posted a blog about Michigans market being the best in the nation. I have witnesses and taken part in so many additional opportunities since I posted that morning. The last I heard Nevada was the top of foreclosure charts and this morning I hear the sub-prime still stands to writ...
As I posted before and will continue for some time to come...Michigans market may not be number one in foreclosure (right now) but there is more opportunity for every level of price, skill and knowledge when it comes to investing in real estate. Where as I seen price drops by banks every 60-90 da...
 With demand for metals going up and the pricing for scraps being so attractive, I have long heard the dilemma of investors, agents and homeowners dealing with thefts of copper plumbing, ac units, furnaces and hot water tanks. Not only is this an altogether inconvenience on everyones part includi...
Being an investor/agent working with the largest up and coming real estate investment firm in Michigan, I am placed on the front line for many of the tasks and "avenues" we look to get involved in and more or less take demanding charge of. Certainly I have heard every justification, excuse, legit...
Up here in Michigan about 45 miles North of Detroit, just East of the third most prominent county in the nation (Oakland) we have a sublte little county that rose to the top of the population charts, new construction residences, great job and business opportunities and Blue Ribbon Education. Just...
AHHHH...Detroit Real Estate.You hear it nationwide on CNN, daily paper article screaming on the downslide of the Michigan Marketplace. Factories closed, jobs outsourced, budget overspending. All major contributing factors to why Michigan is on the seemingly never-ending decline. That confirmation...
Alot has been going on in this new world around me titled real estate. I have adapted fast and am still learning to learn more. Trying to steer my youthful energy towards a positive (not to mention) life-changing focus has become more of a labrynth of right formulas, which I am persistently deter...
Being an investor agent who works with Michigans economy and investors who need to buy safely, I write alot of offers most of which are just absurd and downright embarrassing. I get calls of every sort from agents looking to understand the reason behind these offers.ITS A NUMBERS GAME...We assume...

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