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The Art of Negotiation What NOT to do While sitting in New York Supreme Court waiting for my lawyer and my ex's lawyer to come out of a conference with the judge, i eavesdropped on every conversation going on around me because my iphone had died.  Like everyone else here, I was here for a divorce...
AFter a long hiatus from blogging for personal reasons....  i look back and see that my sign of the times was correct...  last years lowered charity during toys 4 tots did in fact point to a deeper recession ahead.  We've seen what this means in the real estate market but from what i have noticed...
I'm sure eveyone has always heard some variation of the following: If Pro is the opposite of Con...  the whats the opposite of Progress?   i realize today there is nothing more true than this.  It was pointed out by a friend to me today that the act that congress ir proposing is unconstitutional....
Well the market has changed but the fundamentals are still the same.  If you work hard you will survive and maybe even thrive.  However, it is more likely that you will give up, pack up and leave.  I see this more apparent in the Real Estate Offices closing and businesses closing in general.  I k...
So I decided to finally attend one of the LIBOR elections events.....  needless to say I was left a little bit dissappointed. The democratic process at the board level pretty much ends at senseless rhetoric and basically comes down to a popularity contest not even based on people's positions.  Wh...
What set out to be monthly blog turns out to be a quarterly one... there's always something happening or getting in the way!!! Challenging Times Well since the last time alot has changed in the markets as much of you have already known.  The good news is that if you arent watching the news busine...
Funny how I've been reading Blogs since I was 18 (back in the math) but never really got into it.  Well here it goes!  My very first blog.  First though, a few promises about my blogs from here on out. 1. I will not advertise properties, It's nice but I tend to get mix them all up as a ...


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