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        So why do you believe Tenants are a liability… Did you learn this from a GURU?  Did your friend's, friend teach you this?  I hate when I hear this.  It is craziness and you simply have it backwards.                     An empty property is the true liability… I know your CPA calls it an a...
31 Days of May Challenge 2011                  It is Marathon, Triathlon, and Ironman season and the same thing for ActiveRain Bloggers.  When I first found and read the post for the 31 Days of May Challenge I thought HEY I COULD USE SOME BONUS POINTS!  I am not sure "the points" are the only thi...
  What the HECK are you afraid of? Look yourself in the mirror and ask the question “what the heck am I afraid of”.  The answer for everyone will be a drastically different Answers. The answers will vary… I am afraid of heights, I am afraid of rejection, I am afraid of success, I am afraid public...
Has YOUR world been turned upside down- Try this... Blog, blog and Blog... yep really that simple.  The last 24 hours has been a big change in the way I look at real estate, blogging and the online world.  If your world has turned upside down... do something different... BLOG!!   Today I feel in ...
What do you think... Dig It or Ditch It?   Join the new Group... "Dig It or Ditch It"?  Post your Funny, Not so funny or HELP ME DECIDE pictures...http://activerain.com/groups/DigorDitch      
What I learned from today's AR University SEO class.   First off, I think that AR University with Steven Graham is real good and the hour flies by with the way Steven instructs.  So lets Review... 1. Create a blog for a target audience.           - Match your Font and Language to the audience you...
  What is Seller Financing You have been asking… What is all the talk about Seller Financing… What is Seller Financing?? If you want to hear a definition I received today on my www.Trulia.com account go to this link… What is Seller Financing...   More links provided by the genereuos World Wide We...
    The Hills!!! Location, location, location… or is it location, price, opportunity?  Whatever it is, Las Colinas is offering it all.  Convenient access to downtown St. George with immediate access to I-15, very close to Wal-Mart, and yet quietly overlooking the Virgin River, views of Pine Valle...
  3 ways to sell your house. Over and over again I am shocked at how little many real estate agent know.   The same could be said about me when it come to some things like REO listings, land development, water rights, maybe horse property and a few more I would not want to share publically… lol. ...
  Let's look at the 5 ways you can sell a home in 30 days… It may or may not come as a surprise, but if you want to get that home sold out from undernieth you, payment gone, you really have 5 ways to sleep better at night. Traditional or Equity listing:  Whether you sell your home the "traditiona...

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