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When buying real estate, having representation can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons, as it can safeguard your interests, provide expert advice, and help navigate the complex process. Here are some key reasons why you might need representation when buying real estate:1) Expert Gui...
When buying a house one of the few things that tend to detour buyers is the down payments and requirements with them.  Is 20 %what is required to purchase your first/next home?First we need to know what a down payment is :A down payment is an initial, upfront portion of the total cost of a proper...
We have all heard I'm waiting til rates fall in the current market. What is that truly costing you? What is that saving you? What opportunities are being lost or gained by waiting?Today's first time home buyer rates in Iowa are at an impressive 6.875% - 8.125% pending qualifications. This is a mu...
Are you watching the Real Estate Market?  Does it feel a lot like '08? Are we in for another "Crash"?  Every market is different than the next.  A lot of factors play into any of the assumptions that would indicate a type of "bubble" if you will.  Rates are rising, home prices are at all time hig...
1. Use Mulch AlternativesMulching is a time and money saver as it reduces the amount of water and weeding your garden needs, but mulch itself can be expensive. That’s why one of the best budget backyard ideas is to use an affordable mulch alternative.2. Repurpose Old TiresTires are bulky and can ...
With all the recent events going on in our economy the biggest concern I hear in the Real Estate Market is Interest rates rising.  As this does have truth behind it and the average rate for consumers across the country is ranging from 5-6% with the main variance being credit score.  This may seem...
Do you feel like "Cash is King"?  We have heard this terminology virtually all our lives.  I would have been someone that continually agreed with this statement until the past few years.  In our current housing market I can't say I agree with this claim.  Sellers are more apt to be looking at Net...
I joined Activerain as it was brought to my attention to be one of the larger blogging sites for real estate.  I want to have the opportunity to learn from fellow people that are passionate about Real Estate. I am actively in sales, rentals, and coaching.  I goals within this community are to lea...
So happy to be in the great community of Real Estate Agents.  Can't wait to chat with you and grow together! https://www.marshallteamsells.com/

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