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  My name is Peacemaker and I am a gamer. I enjoy playing games on my PC. My favorites are the real time strategy games like Diablo or Starcraft although first person shooters like HalfLife, Doom, and Castle Wolfenstein are a very close second. However, I’m hardly on the cutting edge of things. ...
  These are very real stories and people-   BestBuy, yes kinda sucks. They rarely ever have anything in stock that is at a lower price than other products that are equal in quality. I will say that I like the store if I am looking for no advice, know what I want, and have no time to be pestered b...
Well considering the time going on 15 years that i have had my computer business i finally have decided. I really do believe Twitter is a killer way to keep the social networking going smoothly So with further comment lol I hereby grant twitter the A-OK   No really though its a fun tool to keep i...