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I won't lie, graduate school is stressful. And in my humble opinion, it is 100x more stressful than undergraduate. I don't ever recall having 8+ hour days of solely doing school work or having weekly moments of desire to just quit altogether. However, I'm in grad school for the long run and have ...
This week I published a blog post about how to make friends after graduating from college.  And that made me start to think: why am I even credible to write this? I barely had any friends growing up. In elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college... I was 90% alone and had onl...
This past Monday I started my second semester of graduate school for applied statistics. And I'm already overwhelmed. Starting a new semester in graduate school really makes me miss the simplicity and "innocence" of my undergraduate years. In graduate school I'm teaching myself 90% of the materia...
2020, for everyone has been a crazy year. I know for sure, there were a lot of things I did not expect to experience as a 20-something. However, 2020 will always be a bittersweet year for me. In this post, I will be sharing a brief reflection on 2020. 2020 started off pretty strong. I think every...
One of the harshest reality checks I experienced transitioning from highschool to college in 2015 was in regard to the concept of time management. In high school, I, like many other highschool students, endured 8 hours of classes, about a 20-30 minute bus ride home, and an evening full of homewor...
I'll be honest, I have a problem with committing to side hustles and hobbies. Although I haven't had made side hustles or hobbies, I have failed to really make any of them long-term. For instance, in college I was really into cacti and succulents. And I went on a "shopping spree" (they're pretty ...
It's surprising how many college-aged students are unaware or misinformed about the importance of email etiquette. Today's college students have grown up on social media and instant text messages, which has made email foreign to them. However, email is more important than ever especially with edu...
It’s been almost two years since my boyfriend and I have moved into our first apartment. We moved out in May 2019 (I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology in December 2018), and I’ve got to say, maintaining a healthy relationship is a lot easier than maintaining an apartment. And I hope that it st...


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