King & Snohomish County Market Statistics

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We are dedicated to providing timely and accurate data regarding the Snohomish County real estate market as well as the King County real estate market. We specialized in the Snohomish County market for over 20 years.
Have you been house-hunting and having a hard time finding that great buy?If you've been looking at Bank owned properties in the $400,000 - $500,000 price range in King County, have you found there are few to choose from? Did you know there are only 31?The same price range in Snohomish County wil...
King County average home prices posted their first gains in three years.  After three years of continued decline, King County home prices may have finally reached their bottom.  December 2010 ended the year with a surprise jump in the number of homes sold, along with a rise in home prices.  Many...
The foreclosure rates for Snohomish County dropped in November 2010. Default notices dropped significantly. The question is whether this is just a holiday seasonal slowdown or if this indicates that the worst is over.  Only time will tell.
Ask yourself this question: Why are the banks foreclosing so quickly on struggling homeowners?Why the rush to foreclose on millions and millions of families?We have already gone through 1.5 million foreclosures and look what it has done for the economy.These numbers might shock you. But you need ...
The Snohomish County foreclosure rates remain elevated for July 2010. The Notice of Trustee Sales remain near their highest levels for the year. As typical, only about 25% of the Notice of Trustee Sales turn into actual foreclosures. There are various reasons why a home won't be foreclosed on. T...
      The Snohomish County foreclosure rates show us that homeowners are still struggling to meet their mortgage payments. However, what is most interesting is that the numbers show us that the banks are not aggressively foreclosing. We hope this is a result of banks working with homeowners on lo...
Most of us all know about the 2 most common home ownership tax deductions available.· Home Mortgage Interest· Real Estate TaxesBut did you know that there are 3 MORE VERY IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL tax deductible items that are usually overlooked?These are 3 important deductions that every homebuyer ne...
Snohomish County April 8, 2010. The Snohomish County foreclosures rates for March 2010 were 217 homes. The uptick in Notice of Trustee sales for March 2010 indicates many homeowners are still struggling to meet their mortgage obligations.  The Hamp Program (Making Home Affordable Program) specifi...

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