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Lately, my mind will not let me sleep. Will the Bank take less? Will they accept Ameridream? Should I really go THAT low? And will they remember my name so that the next offer I submit they will toss it before reading? Arrgg! It seems in the foreclosure driven market, buyers do NOT want a GOOD de...
 I would love to hear from non real estate agents (i.e. John Q Public! )regarding how they feel when1. Going into an open house..........Do you feel ganged up on? Agents being Pushy? 2.  What WOULD cause you to be loyal to an agent?? What would you like to see in an agent at an open house that wo...
 Throughout my 57 years, I have noticed that when there is a "bear" market (declining) on Wall Srreet, that the Real Estate market goes up! With General Motors reporting a loss, and media reports of credit card holders unable to pay, does this mean we have a chance? lol   
     In the past week or so, the scuttlebutt around the office has been that we will see Californians moving to Arizona to get away fom fires and earthquakes.      It so so sad, that so many people lost their homes. But I DO think many are sick of fighting and fearing these natural disasters.    ...
I recently listented to a course from Mr. Internet, Michale Russer. Great! http://www.onlinedominance.com/ One of the guest speakers was Jay Lezso. (The Internet Doctor!...Maybe my new branding should be Julia....The Real Estate Markets' Nurse!!!) lol  He sopke about Search Engine placement and w...
There has been so much speculation about RESPA violations. I thought this would be a good time to get response from everyone.  A realtor here in AZ offers a cruise for 2 if they list or buy with her!!! Now to me this is clear! What do you think?  I wrote a poem to give to my SOI regarding referra...
I am beginning to see some movement! Shh! Don't say it out loud. Just kidding. I recently did research for a FSBO (unrepresented seller!) Home for sale since 08/2006.I listed the home sales in that sub-division from the year 2000 to present. Then I figured the average percentage of appreciation f...
I have not done "Blogging" before, but I am very passionate about this subject! I am so frustrated with all the Doom and Gloom in the media about housing. No wonder buyers are scared. I wrote  letter to the editor in AZ, but naturally they would not publish something "positive"! I began by paraph...

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