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  Full of life, enjoying every minute. We can all learn from the light-hearted people in this wonderful video posted by Nellie Lytvinenko. Watch it and enjoy. You'll have fun - it'll make you think of every fun-loving parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and so on that you know. And it'll make you ho...
The "Oomph" FactorThis morning, I'm off to help new clients organize their move. We met late last week, so I know that we'll be separating her furnishings and belongings into three groups: donate, move to new place, store for future move to vacation home.So my car has a "starter kit" for them whi...
Memories of ArtArt has long been at the center of my personal universe, adding a rich complexity to my life, my view of the world, and my feelings of well-being. In the years after my divorce from my first husband, I fulfilled many a dream by basing short trips and long vacations around the museu...
Which Would You Buy?You've been out there a while, so you know the market. You've gotten an idea of how much you want to spend, the style and size you'd like, and how much time you're willing to devote to making any changes to customize it just for you. Which Product below would you buy, if the p...
Let De-Cluttering Set You FreeWhenever I move house, or help others to do so, I am always struck by the point at which total "stuff" exhaustion sets in. There are so many tasks involved in moving, so many decisions to make, so much stuff to sort through and box or bag and set in motion to its cor...
There's Just Something About that New Car Smell...You know how that works: You get into a new car and there's that scent that just says "new car."  Which, of course, wears off over time. To sell your car, you can use a "new car scent" to bring back that new car feeling when you're selling it.   S...
Gifts from the Garden Sweet morning air that touches my skin like gossamer silk Bird song from the trees, which sway in the light breeze Sunlight making patterns of light and dark on the lawn The cool shock of morning dew on bare feet in the grass Ah, Sunday morning! Gifts from the Garden
Lots of Tail Wagging, Tongue-Lolling Fun in Shelton CTHas your pup got the blues? Is he or she just hanging around, sighing and reluctant to get up, even for walkies? Maybe what's called for is a bit of a romp with some friends. You say your dog hasn't got any? Well, get right on over to the new ...
Life Needs Repaving Now and ThenAfter years of patching and resealing, our old driveway is getting a complete makeover. As I watch the process, I can't help but think of the parallels to my life. Year after year, little patches and fixes kept the driveway functioning, yet it stopped looking and p...
Begin with a Break For me, today marks the beginning of a week-long project that I am anticipating, yet know will be physically demanding. So, I've started out my day in what might seem like a counter-intuitive way: I've taken a break. It wasn't an ordinary, lounge-around-the-house break, though....

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