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Judi Bryan | Executive Realty Group | 630-605-8902 136 S Michigan, Addison, IL Quality Constructed All Brick Home with Hardwood Flooring and FullFinished Basement 3BR/2BA Single Family Home   Offered at $184,900 Year Built 1954 Sq Footage 1111 + Finished Basement Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 full bath...
Must admit, this was a new one.  In the midst of following up on the status of "short sale" I have in progress, I was informed by the bank that they were still waiting for some "internal documentation".  Hmmm...I wondered.  Didn't they feel they had enough by now?  After all, I'd sent them 167 PA...
Many of us are paying a lot more attention to the details lately, and in an effort to reduce some of my expenses I modified my cell phone plan last month.  Today I received an email that my bill was available online so I logged into my account, excited to see how much my bill (normally about $120...
It "sounds" logical, right?  If you're a buyer looking for a home, why not do your own shopping (properties abound on the web - listed properties, By Owner properties, New Construction!  There's virtually no end to the choices.  And you can talk to some agents, too, have them do some of the leg-w...
It would be irresponsible for a parent to wait until their children were grown up to have the proverbial "birds and the bees" discussion with them.  After all, human nature, curiosity, the feeling that "everyone else does it, how bad can it be?" dictates that, when a clear understanding of the im...
 You never know when a nugget will appear!  It has always amazed me how we can often glean lessons from unexpected places, even from unwitting teachers.  This morning, a title by ActiveRainer Kris Whales in her post
Today's real estate marketplace is challenging some well-seasoned perceptions.   Think about one of the cliche's you grew up with ... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Actually, from a real estate perspective the phrase is more aptly put "value is in the eye of the beholder".  Over the yea...
We all know it...the times right now are challenging.  Apparently the media doesn't get it, though.  For some reason they've collectively decided that sensationalizing bad news, or taking something that isn't bad news and soundbiting it to make it sound bad, must be good for their business!  They...
Last night I was watching Larry King Live, a rerun he'd done around the Thanksgiving holiday, interviewing celebrities about their "heros".  The focus most definitely was on the TRUE heros...people who make their mission in life to better in ways large and small the lives of others. It must have ...
If ever there was a time to take a long, hard look at the income and the outgo, this is it!!!  It seems like everyone, irrespective of lifestyle, income, job security, etc., is scaling back, tightening their belts, just trying get a handle on how current economic conditions are impacting them.  A...

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