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In the past 2 weeks I have had people call in to advise me that they were moving.  Each time neither had any idea but the change caused a significant drop in their auto rates.  Todays rates (especially auto) are determined by many factors, unlike the old days when you just avoided a red car that ...
Saturday night I was awakened by a electrical snap in my bedroom.  The thunder immediately after made me realize that it was lightning and it was close.  I got out of bed quickly going through the house unplugging the expensive items... most were on a surge protector that made it easy to get many...
Today I set out to begin reading a new book.  The book is called the Go-Giver.  Something about reading stimulates the mind, calms the spirit, and helps you re-focus.  The first of this book focuses on giving more in value than you take in payment.  As I think on how to apply this it occurs to me...
The days of starting a career at one company and then retiring on a pension plan from that same company years later are gone.  I remember starting for a corporation that had both a 401k and a retirement.  I planned on being there until retirement and cashing in on both.  10 years, 4 company name ...
Well, for an insurance agency, May storms bring..... well, friends.  Shortly after the storms started I started getting questions from friends about how they should handle their property damage issues.  Many of these had never let me put in a quote for their business, so I was taken back a little...
As everyone looks at a tough economy and wonders once again how we are going to weather the storm.  I think that it is important to take some lessons from history here.  The United States has always shown an amazing resilience prompting the age old question... how and why?  I have had former empl...
Hello again.  I thought that I would pop in and share some thoughts.  In business our ongoing desire is to make our customers; or that prospect we have happy.  We are ever striving to do it through "the best price" or " the best product" or the "best advertising".  We all want the be the best, an...
Well, here goes my first attempt at a blog.  Today I want to talk about relations and what they mean to each of us.  Growing up in a small town, now living in a thriving growing town, I am struck by two stark differences between the two.  First is the amazing difference in the ability you have to...


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