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Joe Domino is a licensed agent serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Joe's broad base of experience and depth of knowledge provide him a unique insight into the real estate business. Follow Joe's idiosyncratic articles and postings which he makes available for your education and enjoyment.
The last few months have seen an unprecedented tightening in many real estate markets across the country.In popular areas sales have become skewed overwhelmingly in favor of sellers. Buyers seeking to purchase a new home have been met not only with dwindling inventory but with accelerating prices...
The average user has dozens of online accounts or business relationships that change over time. Each of these accounts has the potential to reveal information about you or at the very least increase your digital footprint.But leaving old unused accounts in place when they are no longer necessary ...
It’s raining outside and they are passing out umbrellas. Will you take one?I was fortunate enough to have received my first Covid-19 vaccine and are on schedule for my second shot in the coming weeks.Despite the negative press regarding the rollout of the vaccine here in Arizona, I was extremely ...
I don’t typically do Market Reports, there are dozens of sources that specialize in reporting on both the broader market and the nuances of each region of the country. But of course, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the market. Anyone in this business needs to stay tuned in to the ever-ch...
Laugh if you will, but I am a believer. Call it fantasy, hocus pocus, or superstition.There is a story, perhaps a wives’ tale, that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph on the grounds of a home that is for sale that the home will sell faster.As a young boy, I was taught that St. Joseph was a carpen...
 “The property has closed; a new deed has been recorded.” For many of us, those are some of the sweetest words we can hear. Because until the escrow closes, anything can, and sometimes does, happen.Just because you have a smooth sale with a willing buyer and eager seller, it can still go awry. Th...
I have a lot of pet peeves. I am old and I am entitled. Lately, one of the things that have been irritating me is the way some people use email. Almost everyone is capable of emailing. It is fast, inexpensive, and efficient. For those reasons, email has become the default way to pass information ...
 How do we learn? Is it by talking, or listening? It is often said that when you speak you are only repeating ideas that you already know. But when you listen you learn new things that you may have never learned.You do not have to agree with what you are hearing, only acknowledge that there are i...
At first, I wasn’t inspired to write a blogpost about saying goodbye to 2020. No doubt that it has been a strange year. One that we have grown tired of.For many people, there has been terrible suffering. Loss of loved ones, reoccurring illness, fear, and conflict.Economic hardship has hurt millio...
Dual Agency some like it some hate it. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is risky. Regardless of how you feel about dual agency, it happens. More often than we care to imagine.Most often when we consider dual agency, we speak of one agent representing both the buyer and the seller. In this sce...

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