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South Florida's Jumbo Loans and Luxury Homes
Under a decision announced last week, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will allow eligible first-time home buyers to use the tax credit authorized under The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 during the actual home purchasing process.   However this Mortgage...
  March 16th, 2009 by James Venney Categories: Home, Mortgage News Comments: No Comments » Would you be outraged if you found out that the Federal Government was taking actions that are slowing the pace of the recovery in the housing market?  Well it appears that is exactly what is going on. Whil...
As most of you know my work is focused almost exclusively on providing financing for luxury homes and therefore first time home buyers are not my area of expertise but I am aware that many will have questions regarding the new Tax Credit that is being signed into effect today by President Obama. ...
  If you are a savvy  luxury home buyer looking to take advantage of historically low interest rates and the dramatic price reductions in the high end market dont’ be mislead by the rumor on the street that Jumbo financing is not available.  Several time in the past few weeks I have had knowledge...
  Wells Fargo is the first of the major financial institutions to announce that it is paying a quarterly dividend of $371.5 million back to the Federal government on the preferred shares the bank issued when it received TARP funds.   Wells Fargo which reluctantly took $25 billion of TARP money sa...
State Farm is the most recent of the national insurance carriers to announce that it will no longer be writing home owners insurance policies in the state of Florida.  This announcement will effect approximately 1.2 million Florida households many of which are located in the Miami and South Flori...
Success has it's privileges one of which is Private Mortgage Banking.  I am in the twin cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul (yes, it's freezing...why don't they hold these events in Hawaii?) attending a Private Mortgage Bankers conference and I realized that most homeowners and Real Estate professio...
There appears to be a lot of confusion about what the Federal Reserve did last week in response to the developing credit and liquidity crisis.  The Fed lowered the "Discount Window" rate by .5%.  The Discount Window rate is the interest rate that the Fed charges banks for short term loans, typica...

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