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When one thinks of fireproof materials, metal, stone and brick readily come to mind. Wood definitely would not. So one has to wonder, why would anyone build part of a fireplace using wood. There is no doubt wood belongs in the fireplace. But as a part of the structure? While inspecting a not very...
Poking and snooping through houses, all in the course of my job, I happen upon some interesting stuff from time to time. No, not the wacky "fixes" or installs by Harry homeowner or his infamous Uncle Bob. There is plenty of that Yankee ingenuity to be discovered on most of the houses I visit. I s...
Hansel and Gretel out in the woods left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back home. Unfortunately, being children they did not realize, all though I would suspect a few adults would not have seen the error, bread was a bad choice for a trail marker. Without their doughy clues to follow, the child...
I would suspect anyone over the age of five is familiar with a diving board. A springy plank meant to propel the swimmer high into the air for a splash landing in the pool. Looking at a diving board, it's a simple and ancient design, essentially a lever and fulcrum. A lever is arguably one of the...
I bet your wondering what does your uncle have to do with terrorist. Hopefully nothing unless he happens to be working for the FBI. As we have witnessed with way too much frequency, terrorists are not always the smartest or most adept people. It can be said they have just enough skills and knowle...
The subterranean termite is the common species found in Connecticut. As the name implies, the colony lives in the ground. Wood is eaten from outside the colony, with the nutrients shuttled back by the workers. Because termites live in the earth, they are light averse. When foraging termites will...
It is said the only thing constant in life is change. Without fluidity in our environment, the cosmos, nothing at all would happen. Everything, from a bacteria, a planet, to all the vast universes, are all in a perpetual state of change. We humans have been able to figure out quite successfully h...
When things look bleak, it is always good to remember a break may be just head if you press on.   
Some fuses are quick, some are slow. When I say fuses, I am referring to the electrical type, not the wick on dynamite, all though the same can apply. Whether slow or quick, either type of fuse would be considered comparatively fast to our human point of time reference. From a geological time per...
There is nothing like the internet when it comes to research. You can find practically anything about everything. Problem is, one must be very careful of the source. In searching for real estate, there is plenty of good information from a large variety of reliable sources. When preparing for an i...

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