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I am now a internet marketer / direct marketer / trainer / investor / coach. I have a BIC license, and just finished a Master's in Psychology. My aim is to help Real Estate Professionals all over the world capitalize on the power of the internet!
Well, today was one of those dont feel like we accomplished anything good for nothing cant get over the feeling of being down we are one week from Christmas but dont know if we should spend money though you only live once kind of days. Chased out some trailer parks and talked to some people.  Rea...
WOOOOHHOOOOO!!!!   I now have the blackberry storm.  I use to be very disorganized to say losing things constantly and constantly getting sidetracked.  I am now proud to say that I am slightly less of all of those things due to the blackberry storm.  It is pretty awesome.  I used to carry a camer...
So that is what it was today.  You would never guess my return on the cheapest advertisement I have ever done today.  Probably 10-15% were prospects and about 25-30% response on what I was doing.  I am not going to tell you what I was doing because I really dont want it to get out. I spoke with p...
Over the past week I have been thinking about getting into some new types of investments.  The problem with houses is that no one is able to buy them and they cost so much.  A friend came to me the other day and we talked about mobile home investments.  Of course my first thought was there is no ...
Today I went to the REIA meeting.  Here in Charleston we have a great REIA group.  We meet once a week and have quite a few investors.  Of course there are those who dont have any investments and those who act much bigger than they are, but the real smart guys are the ones that sit back and liste...
You know my grandma told me the other day that when I was just a little boy, 3 and 4 years old, that I said I was going to be a real estate investor.  Now at 24, I own an apartment complex and a few homes but am just breaking the ice.  This is by  far the most difficult thing that I have ever don...

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