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I am now a internet marketer / direct marketer / trainer / investor / coach. I have a BIC license, and just finished a Master's in Psychology. My aim is to help Real Estate Professionals all over the world capitalize on the power of the internet!
  Look into my eyes.  Look deeply in my eyes, not quite anyways.  Hypnotherapy is not what you think of when you think hypnotize.  It isnt some guy in a creepy suit turning you into a dog or into a chicken.  You dont bark or cluck around in a circle for an hour.  At least I am pretty sure that w...
Posted in Motivation, Personal Growth tagged success, Motivation, Real Estate, entrepreneur, blog, investing, personal, growth at 1:52 pm by Joey P I am writing this post as a means to reach out to my readers and to figure out who I am able to help and who is able to help me.  I am an entrepreneu...
Well, today I have been reading a bit about how people generate hundreds of thousands of hits on their blogs and in turn make a lot of money on them.  I figured that I love to write about what I love and that is real estate and maybe I can turn that into a couple of bucks here and there.  Heck, a...
Well, here is another little tidbit of what I have been thinking.  Since I am starting my own brokerage soon, I want to start a new tradition and get my name out a bit more in the community.  It started yesterday with going to the civic club meeting.  I am getting into more community groups, mayb...
First of all, I am not a biggot and definitely a fan of homosexuals.  I have a couple friends that are gay and they are very nice people.  One of my buddies I forget is gay and he is just like one of the guys.  I guess he just is into a different kind of porn, ha!  Whatever though, he is a great ...
So I am writing today because I am torn and could use some advice. I am opening a real estate brokerage this month and have two office options.   They will both cost about the same but one would be subleased from a business partner of mine.  My concerns are that if I sublease the space that the p...
So I am typing from my new massage chair.  This thing rolls, kneads, percussions. does it all!  I love it!  I bought it because it is going to go into my new office space as I am getting ready to open my own real estate brokerage.  Just as planned we are making the steps forward to a great future...
So a lot of things have been going on since my last post.  Things have been going pretty great, we have been trying to pay off some debt and have been learning a lot.  I stopped going to the REIA meetings so that I could come back in a while and be viewed in a different prospective.  This time as...
That actually isnt that cool but I figured it to be a way to start off my blog.  The latest and greatest that has been happening to me is that I am selling pretty good or at least I have contracts on some properties and I am going through broker school here in a couple of weeks.  I never realized...
It's now the first day of spring and we have fallen into in a slump.  We have been avoiding work lately.  I guess we're not really trying to, but for some reason it is happening.  Yesterday, instead of prospecting, we went fishing and enjoyed a cookout at the park.  I will tell you that we have b...

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