The Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAFA, is a government program to help home owners with the short sale process. HAFA was introduced in April of 2009. Since its introduction just over 600 HAFA short sales have been approved. Due to the program's stringent requirements most homeowners w...


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We often times hear of the “national real estate market”. This is in quotes because in reality there is no such thing! The national real estate market is just a combined look at major metropolitan areas. But within these areas, such as San Diego, there are dozens of towns and cities as well as smaller neighborhood. Each of these smaller markets have some things in common but also have major differences. It does not take much imagination to realize that downtown San Diego is a much different market than is La Jolla. This is also true with Otay Ranch. Otay Ranch is a unique community with an enviable quality of life. Built mostly in the last ten years, Otay Ranch has its own market characteristics and trends. Some of these trends will be similar to the greater San Diego area though others will not. sets out give you a better understanding of where you live. Here at you will find articles about major national issues and trends that affect us here in Otay Ranch while also learning about specific issues here in our community. So read on, comment often, and please let me know what sparks your interest.