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So I have been doing alot of thinking on how to supplement my business in real estate and also still provide a service I know Realtors would want. I decided to dust off my skills in producing video effects. I am just trying to gauge some interest on demand for branded video solutions for those of...
Hey everyone, This blog post is more for my own edification. Here in NJ I know the DMV (MVC) is doing inkless digital signatures, as are delivery compnies like UPS/FedEx/DHL, Licensed Home Appraisers, as well as various supermarkets. I wanted to now if there were anything preventing Real Estate P...
Hi, All of the agents that have been let go, please give me a chance to talk to you before you make your decision to hang your license with a particular office. I am a former Foxtons buyers agent so i know where you are coming from. I make a much better living for myself under my new broker. Grea...
Hello, I am Justin Pandelo with Striker Realty, & I truly feel for Foxtons clients. No doubt the articles all over the web on a potential Foxtons bankruptcy has caught many sellers by suprise. This may work to your benefit. Seeing the many complaints by their clients on "The Ripoff Report", you h...

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