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I just received a call from a realtor whose listing I staged with IKEA furniture.  The Buyer wants to purchase the living room furniture as well as the kitchen set. The  agent, who is also the owner, purchased the kitchen table and chairs, and I enhanced the kitchen with setting the table, wall a...
I just went on the IRIS site and was wondering how to join IRIS. I spoke to Margaret Innis this morning, what a wealth of knowledge, and her name was given to me by Jackie P. when I asked about the Dewey Color System, something that I was not aware of. I did sign up for the local course and can't...
I just read a blog about the homeowner keeping plastic plants, collections, etc. I just wanted to share some before and after photos of one home that had a massive tin canister collection.  The Sellers had no problem taking the items down from a plate rack, in fact they disposed of the entire col...
I just read a blog that mentioned using contracts for staging.  I haven't used one yet as I am usually hired and paid by the realtor, though there have been times that the Seller has paid me directly. Do many stagers use contracts?  I use contracts for my interior design clients, but don't have o...
These homeowners watched HGTV and decided to clear out their items to make their home more saleable.  I was called in to stage this home.  I brought in a lot of accessories besides renting furniture,  I repurposed their items thruout their home. The livingroom shows much brighter and up to date. ...
Updating an old fireplace screen Remove screen, wiipe it down, mark off the windows so you won't get paint on them. Use a can of heat resistant spray paint. Read instructions that include holding the can 18" away, use long, even strokes. New kitchen appliances bring high returns New kitchen appli...
Fill existing hardware holes instead of making new ones. Dip a toothpick in glue and place it in the stripped hole.  Cut off the excess piece. Once the glue dries, it will be ready to put in the new hardware. Paint dated tile Coat the tiles with a high adhesion primer.  Brush on a special ceramic...
I just joined a few groups that include my area of specialty, home staging. I placed a few blogs and noticed that there were no points added. How does a blog become featured? This site has been extremely helpful and the comments I have received are great, I am enjoying reading other blogs and hav...
I received many comments after my first blog yesterday (thank you) and it was suggested to go to active rain newbies. I went on the site, but was confused how to join or do I need to be invited by another member? Please let me know the best way to be part of this. Thanks, Joyce  

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