CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT FOR BUYING THEHIGHER PRICED HOME YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Higher interest rates and home prices in the past have kept home owners from purchasing larger homes.  The current real estate market conditions, however, are encouraging for many home owners who want to "buy up" to higher...
           Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, particularly when it comes to buying a home.  Features that attract one home-buyer may repel another.          However, the one feature of interest to every home-buyer is price.  Getting the most home for your money is paramount.  The real problem ...
            Today’s real estate consumer has a lot to consider during the sale or purchase of a home.  Be it waiting for the right buyer/seller, mortgage rates, or the moving truck, the experience can take a bit of patience on the part of the consumer.  With this in mind, it is incumbent upon rea...
Maybe yes; maybe no.  But here is a list of things to have completed before you take the big step -- whenever that might be.So you've returned those well-meant-but-weird gifts, sent the thank-you notes and settled into your newly married life.If you're like many freshly minted couples, now you're...

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