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Specializing in residential and commercial real estate in Central and Southern Illinois, our team is committed to providing our clients with measurable, value-driven results.
If you’ve ever had children, chances are you’ve been lied to. If that’s the case, you’ve probably wanted to teach them that honesty is the best policy. Well, according to a recent study, punishing them is not the way to teach that. In fact, according to the study, detailed in this Time Magazine ...
That’s what’s drummed into our heads on a regular basis. Bad debts caused the recession. Student loan debt is keeping young adults in parents’ basements. Credit card debt ruins lives.  Yet for most people, homeownership requires debt. According to most estimates, about 70 percent of all the homes...
One of the reasons real estate has historically been considered a solid investment is its long-term appeal. It makes sense, then, to hold onto a home over the long haul. But this is not usually what happens, as when someone buys a new home, they typically sell their current one. This Zillow blog...
I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for these “How I paid off my debt” articles. I think debt, both from an affordability and qualifying for a mortgage standpoint, holds people back from owning homes. This first-person Business Insider article is especially relevant because it specifically addresses studen...
Experts Predict Where US Home Prices Are Headed   Home prices have risen in most U.S. markets this year, with most states reaching price levels not seen since the real estate boom year of 2006. How long will they continue to rise? Check out these predictions from four top housing economists: Nati...
    Most of us want to remain independent in our homes as long as we can. Making some simple changes as you remodel through the years can help you continue to live comfortably in your home as you age. The same changes can also make your home more marketable if you decide to sell because your home...
So I logged in today for the first time in a little over a week and I noticed quite a few changes to the website. First off, there is a nice clean look to the blog posting. It seems that they made posting a blog a little easier. Also, are we not getting points for "liking" a blog post or comments...
The landing strip to the door is possibly the most used space in your home. Almost every family uses it for different purposes like storing necessary things, stashing shoes or umbrellas, or keeping keys, mails, and other small things. However, when you have a squint front entry, it has become a ...
Has the idea or thought about adding a dark piece of furniture been on your mind and you are unsure whether or not it would be a good idea? Changing up furniture or adding a new piece that is a different color can be stressful change for anyone. But using good lightening or even keeping it simpl...
With college classes coming right around the corner, freshman parents are wondering, should I purchase an investment home for my college student with the potential of future income? It may sound like an amazing opportunity! A home for your student to live while going to school and there is equit...

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Specializing in residential and commercial real estate in Central and Southern Illinois, our team is committed to providing our clients with measurable, value-driven results.