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By Jon Solomon It struck me during last week’s presidential debate, with all the talk of creating jobs and balancing budgets, that few people realize custom home builders in Tampa significantly help our community with job growth and balancing city and county budgets. On the job front, home builde...
By Jon Solomon I'm not trying to start a new movement or create a public service announcement, but have you seen what some builders have been passing off as custom homes these days?! We're not going to name names, but these builders need to be honest and say, “Hey, we’re a production homebuilder ...
By Lana Bingham After a long and unbearably hot summer, you can hear your air conditioner crying for a break and your windows whining to be cracked open. Despite the almost annual Tampa Bay heat, there are a few ways that we can keep our homes cool without the constant use of air conditioning. 1....
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By Missi McCombs From making use of an awkward space to defining a room, built-ins add warmth, color and style to any room in your home. But, equally as important as style, built-ins are functional! They add value, end clutter, and answer the never-ending call for more storage space. So, if you a...
By Lana Bingham With school back in session, homework assignments are stacking up. Rather than turning your kitchen table into a paper-cluttered study station, why not incorporate a homework area into your home? Follow these tips to create a homework haven that will get your children excited abou...
By Jon Solomon Around my house, our 10 year old is the remote control guru. In the hands of anyone over 18, the remote might as well be a paper weight. Home automation has been around for years, but it’s been expensive and difficult to install and use. As a Tampa luxury home builder, I can tell y...
By Jon Solomon One of my favorite stories is The Three Little Pigs in which the “Big Bad Wolf” tries to destroy the pig’s home (and make a nice meal of the pigs for himself). You know what happened to the first two homes made of straw and sticks, but the house made of bricks stood up to all that ...
By Lana Bingham What does a big, delicious, flavor-oozing cheeseburger have in common with a beautiful new custom home? Both take expert craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients to build. With National Cheeseburger Day being this week, new home builders Tampa fl can compare custom home componen...
By Jon Solomon As new home builders in Tampa, we’ve also completed many large renovation projects. Whether they are historical renovations, entire home renovations or large additions, we’ve learned a lot about what NOT to do. Read on if you’d like some insight and ways to help make your home reno...

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