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By Lana Bingham While some are strong believers and others slightly skeptical, there are a few known homes in Florida that have experienced a “haunting” series of unexplained events. Whether these homes are being plagued by paranormal activity, or are just victims of old legends and tall tales, t...
By Lana Bingham As a Tampa new home builder, we love the elegant and timeless appeal of granite and marble countertops. Although it is often a first choice for most customers, there are some other unusual materials that are currently trending in custom kitchens. Swapping out these precious rocks ...
By Missi McCombs Thanks to Tim Alberdi, owner of Redneck Wine Company, for sharing his insightful blog post regarding the appealing benefits of owning a wine cellar in your home. As new home builders Tampa, we have included wine fridges in many of our kitchens, however a built-in cellar can be a ...
By Lana Bingham On Halloween night the streets are haunted by goblins, ghosts and witches as they scour your neighborhood in search of Kit Kat Bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. While outside may be crawling with creepy creatures, there is a lot that can be done to feel safe inside the walls of...
By Jon Solomon I’m real excited about the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, set for release in just a couple of weeks. This is the 23rd movie in the series and I’ve seen them all many times. They’ve always been packed with great action, but the coolest thing to me has always been all the innovative ...
By Lana Bingham With October being Adopt a Dog Month, many pooches will be invited into loving new homes just in time for the holiday season. Adopting a dog is a big responsibility and can be somewhat costly with vet bills, accessories and dog chow. However, many pet-owners tend to splurge by ove...
By Lana Bingham What better time to take on a creative and budget-friendly home décor project, than just before the demanding holiday season begins? Instead of throwing away that old, unused ladder in your garage, let your inventive side take over and transform it into a rustic hanging pot-rock. ...
By Jon Solomon Have you ever wondered what makes a comfortable, energy efficient home? At our construction open house, you’ll see everything that’s behind the drywall in a guided, informative environment. Here’s a list of what you’ll see: Plumbing: PEX plumbing is the most durable & fastest hot w...
By Missi McCombs At the most basic level, trim work serves to hide gaps between walls and floors (BASE MOLDING), around doors and windows (CASING) and where walls meet ceilings (CROWN MOLDING). But, trim work can add so much more. It truly enhances character and a level of detail that other decor...

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