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By Lana Bingham An indoor fireplace can greatly enhance any room. It boosts ambiance as you gather around sipping coffee with guests, nestle in on the couch for a family movie night, or simply cozy up with a great read on a dreary day. Whether your fireplace is wood-burning, gas or electric, or h...
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By Lana Bingham Now that we are all stuffed full of turkey and apple pie, it’s time to decorate the tree and break out boxes full of holiday trimmings. No matter what size or style your home is, the same holiday décor “hot-spots” apply. As a Tampa custom builder, we have dedicated these 6 areas a...
By Lana Bingham Thanksgiving is about more than fighting over who gets dark meat vs white meat, inhaling calorie-packed slices of homemade pie, and watching certain family members indulge in a few too many glasses of red wine. At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card - This holiday is based o...
By Lana Bingham Sticky spills, funky odors, and outdated foods better get ready! November 15th is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! So, grab a pair of gloves, clear your calendar for the day and be prepared to find some suspicious looking foods buried deep inside your fridge. When In Doubt, Thr...
By Jon Solomon Recently I met with a few Tampa Bay home builder colleagues and while most of our conversation was about some fairly mundane topics, one exchange truly shocked me! I don’t recall what initiated the comment but I’ll paraphrase it as best I can. Essentially they said - "Jon, you’re b...
By Lana Bingham During the holidays, it can be tough to keep your kitchen organized. An extensive holiday menu can transform even the most functionally designed space into a cluttered catastrophe, making cooking seem like a nightmare. Jars of spices, clusters of cranberries and cans of pumpkin pu...
By Jon Solomon You're only a kid once! I personally don't believe that's true, but with all the electronic and inside distractions for kids (and wanna be kids), a “kidscaped” yard is just the solution to get them outside and get a 2nd chance at being a kid again. Here are some great ideas that we...
By Missi McCombs Let me set the record straight, my Español is limited to counting to 10, and a few words you shouldn’t say in public. However, as custom home builders Tampa we incorporate many architectural details that embrace the rich Spanish culture that is so prevalent in Florida. This resul...
By Lana Bingham Let’s face it, here in Florida, seasonal changes are experienced a little differently. Rather than apple picking, we head to the strawberry farms and instead of raking up colorful fallen leaves, we concentrate on sweeping up sand that follows us home from the beach. Just because F...

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