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My wife and I started buying properties in 1993 shortly after I started my real estate career.  We didn't have 2 nickles to rub together but we negotiated owner financed 2nd mortagages and other creative methods to build a portfolio of 6 rental homes.  The market at the time was not good.  There ...
While most people see the market as the tide where all homes rise and fall together, that is not what is happening in Or community now.  The Obama money is creating demand for less expensive homes but the rates of Jumbo money and the over supply of upper end homes is causing larger homes to come ...
I caught "Meet Joe Black" on cable TV the other night.  It's probably in my top 10 of favorite movies.  Anthony Hopkins character, Bill, realizes his mortality and it dramatically changes his priorities and therefore actions.  He surrounds himself with family and chooses not to sell his company b...
This is a true story that happened to me a number of years ago.  It's one of those pay it forward things that really was thought provoking for me.  I was driving north on I-95 from Virginia to PA for my wife's grandmothers 90th birthday.  We had our two children at the time with us.  I got off an...
Whether your canidate won or not, 1/2 the nation picked a winner and is feeling better about the future.  This should start an upward feeling of consumer confidence for those that supported Obama.  Now may be the perfect time to follow up with your database of buyers and sellers. In my market, co...
First posting so I would appreciate feedback.  I manage a sales team at a new homes Community called Eagle Harbor in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  While things are quieter than normal the job growth numbers in our area are good and unemployment is low.  Recently buyers that are being repre...


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