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While reading an article recently about indoor allergens, I found a quote from a allergy and asthma Doctor giving some wrong recommendations for treating allergies in the home.  Since I am NOT a Doctor, nor have I ever played one on TV, I stay away from diagnosing people or telling them how to tr...
During a recent presentation to one of the largest residential real estate sales office in North Tampa, Coldwell Banker. I updated the group on the latest Florida and Federal regulations affecting indoor environmental pollutants.  The bulk of the presentation was geared toward our mold testing in...
Should a mold inspection by a certified professional be on a "Due Diligence" list when purchasing a home?  If the home is older?  If the home has been foreclosed?  Certainly not when a home is new, right? Well, maybe. The temptation to avoid spending a few hundred dollars on a good mold inspectio...
As a professional mold inspector, I get calls from homeowners who want to know if there is a mold problem in their homes.  What we do is not without cost or effort - therefore a practical cost is involved.  Beside the manpower, analysis by an accredited lab analysis is not paltry.  With that in m...
When I first started in Mold Inspection and IAQ Consulting in Tampa, I was weary after 20 years in the water damage and mold remediation side of construction.  I thought I would be on "Easy Street" because eventually every home sold would require a mold inspection. I made a major miscalculation i...
Mold remediation is a relatively new field of restoration construction.  Twenty years ago, most people didn't understand the hazards of mold contamination.  Most contractors treated mold on drywall and other building materials using no special care or techniques.  We found it and cleaned or remov...


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