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I'm ranting because I think normal business practice should dictate, but it doesn't happen in the real world.I wanted to see a house for a client. I pull it up on the MLS and a lock box is mentioned but no other information was provided. I call the agent on the contact phone and no answer on the ...
Now I've done a some BPO's (Averaging 2 per week) and here's what I've learned. 1. READ the email and get instructions on what the asset company wants. This is important because not all of them want the same thing. 2. Have your camera ready. I made the mistake for not checking the batteries on my...
You got it! I got one of this emails. Thing is, it's from an active rain comment! Oh boy I'm thinking to myself, there is actually someone that views our profile and spams through this site!BTW spammers, my last name is HUANG and no I don't have a relative in Ireland that died! (Althought deposit...
It's time for a progress report. How am I doing?Well, Februray is coming to a close, and I'm still learning. I've attended my KW classes, started with CAMP 4-4-3 and started Productivity Coaching. I have newbie Board training coming soon (takes all day!!). UGH!My big question, where am I? I'm in ...
Well today isn't so great for me. I'm down and out with a cold I think. Body aches with no chills, stuffy nose, chest congestion for the past 2 days. I'm hoping to get better tomorrow for there's a bunch of trainings and appointments I need to keep.Being at home though allows me to browse the web...
Yes, I'm talking about the wonderful earthquakes we have here in beautiful California.I'm not a scientist so I'm not going to explain how earthquakes work, but I can tell you from the site that earthquakes are actually a daily event. Most are too small to feel and some give a bit of a jo...
After living here for almost 2 years, I've come to appreciate the serenity that this City has to offer. I used to live in Pittsburg, just north from here and it was a different world. I'm not bashing Pittsburg at all, it's a great area for first time home buyers. However, if anyone would choose t...
2 days worth of applying to companies for BPO's!! I now have a Big Pounding Oversized headache!What a chore.At the moment I have access to 3 so far, yet no orders are available. I'm waiting on a bunch for approval and I'm keep my fingers crossed to get them.Wish me luck :-)
Anyone feel the pinch, money and/or time wise when a spouse undergoes surgery?I had to postpone my appointments and activities because my wife had surgery and she's the primary caretaker. Therefore, babysitting duties and meals for the day are top priority for me. Child care is expensive here and...
I thought this was interesting. I'd like to share this with everyone. They're written by our friend from "60 Minutes", Andy Rooney, a man who hasthe gift of saying so much with so few words. Enjoy....... I've learned.... that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of anelderly person.I've...

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