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Yawn!As I log on at 12:42am, I noticed there's 628 people online, including myself. I can't sleep because I let my baby nap way too long today and she can't sleep either :-( We have a big party tomorrow to set up and now we're up late and most likely won't be up till around 10am tomorrow. The par...
I have a party to host this Saturday for my daughter's first birthday. I created a tribute blog for her already but this party on Saturday probably will be bigger than I expect!I sent out invitation to about 60 families and I think most of...
Because one year ago, she entered our world and has been a joy in my life. From the first day of her breath till now, she will be my first little girl. Happy Birthday Olivia Cristabel Huang and many more to come!May God watch over your life and may He bless ours fully with you being here with us.   
I just came back from a Internet Web 2.0 at my local KW office. I have to say, I had a big Ah-Ha...We are all wondering how to get online, get presence in the web, blah blah blah....It all really boiled down everything that we do, on Active Rain, Website presence, Facebook, Linkedin, and whatever...
For my clients asking me why should they buy instead of renting...RENTING.....When the lease is up you can choose to move.You do not gain or build any equity.Less work in maintaining a rental home or apartment.In most cases, smaller amount of initial "up front" cash.You will never gain or build e...
As we all know, business anywhere is about service. Let's define has service defined act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service. 2.the supplying or supplier of utilities or commodities, as water, electricity, or gas, required or demanded by the pu...
This is a story of a fellow agent who doesn't blog but something that I can share for a learning experience. This agent scheduled an open house for a listing agent in the same company. Everything was ready to go and signs were up prior to opening. The agent went into the house and to her astonish...
I don't recall if there was a section on this site or anywhere that mentions if AR will have mobile technology format. If there is, I applaud the people behind the scenes to make AR a forefront for mobile bloggers. IF not, this is a petition to make AR mobile friendly! Uses of AR mobile can inclu...
I'm not just another Real Estate Broker...I'm also your advisor.Real Estate was, is, and always be the vehicle that allows people to achieve financial freedom.  Interest rates fluctuate however, over time, appreciation rates always goes up. Buy your first home (House, Condo, Townhome...what you c...
I'm excited! I'm working hard to increase my database by holding 2 open houses. I'm not the listing agent for these homes, however the opportunity to find buyer clients are extremely good through this avenue in my market.My approach, be myself as usual. People will like me for who I am and what I...

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