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          If I had you in front of me this is what I would tell you: 1-Your interests  are Self-interest above all You don't care a wit about your people or  the American Consumer who bought your products You failed to lead and get your people behind you and work together with your team to find ...
Obama is now insisting on pushing through his socialist agenda (Universal Health Care, Injecting money through the porkulous bill at a faster rate--strings attached for states who accept these monies which would in essence give Government more say in the affairs of the states.)  One of the featu...
Obama made his speeches to the Muslim world and to sum it up, he thinks more about what theses folks think than what the majority of Americans think. What do at least Half of Americans voters think? I challenge you to ask. They think this country is a great country; a country that is strong, that...
First, A Memorial Day Thank You: To our  Marines, Sailors and Soldiers and their families--we can't thank you enough! We are grateful for all that you have done to keep us SAFE. You are Our Heroes!   "Whether fighting wars or winning the peace Marines, Sailors and Soldiers serve their country wit...
The only true swine are those who engage in the politics of fear. This SCARE FLU can be applied from the time we got scared into giving away tax payer money to banks and auto companies (AKA Porkulous FLU) to the now 1 Billion Obama is earmarking for vaccine, etc I am sure this money will find it...
Dear Friends   We are asking for prayer for Josh who has a rare form of cancer.   Josh  graduated from College two years ago and was doing well. He had a tumor on his arm, which was misdiagnosed, got some bad medical advice and has lost 40 pounds. He has taken a 3 month leave of absence from wor...
The job of the church is to hand out condoms. This is what one denomination considers "moral" responsibility! You can check out the full story here.  Many liberals believe that the bible is a book of myths and fables. That Jesus didn't lead a sinless life, nor is there a Satan or evil spirits. I ...
Good ole Al-(do as I say, not as I do) Gore has done it again! Drew Johnson, the president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, decided to drive by Gore's mansion in Nashville at 8:48 p.m. and records that floodlights were on illuminating the drive way of his 9000 square foot mansion. I ...
This is off of American Family Association's Website, I just want to save you some time. This action by Pepsi and FOX is reprehensible. Just imagine your 14 year old sitting in front of the TV when this immoral "cartoon"-- which looks innocent enough-- is allowed into your home courtesy of FOX TV...
Unemployment in South Carolina hovers at 11%. Small Businesses struggle and many have closed their doors. Foreclosures or the danger of it affects home owners from all economic strata. Fortunately there are some thoughtful, forward thinking banks that want to help the situation. First Federal Ban...

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