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Bluffton, Hilton Head Island Real Estate
Bluffton Schools  and Contact Information Michael C. Riley Elementary 200 Burnt Church RoadBluffton, SC 29910Phone: 843-706-8300 Principal: Joshua Parks   Okatie Elementary 1657 Okatie HighwayBluffton, SC 29909Phone: 843-322-7700 Principal: Jamie Pinckney   Bluffton Elementary 160 H.E. McCracken ...
9:12-13 When Jesus heard this he said, "Those who are healthy don't need a physician, but those who are sick do. Go and learn what this saying means: ‘I want mercy and not sacrifice.  For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." (Matthews Gospel, Chapter 9 Verses 12 and 13 th...
  The ACORN food for the animals: "Small animals that feed on acorns include mice, squirrels and several other rodents." Did you see the last debate? --if you want to call it that. It was a waste of time. Honest "O" is very slick, indeed. Ok, so he's a cool character. But, I question his Characte...
IMPORTANT NOTICE Sean Hannity, of  Hannity & Colmes --fox news, is going to air a very  important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night  at 9:00 pm. OCT 12, 2008.  He stated on the air this that no one  in the news  media as willing to do this.  Hannity is going back to Obama's earlier day...
  This is the garbage you hear from the PRESS--that McCain did not do well last night. I have a news flash for you. I will give you the MAIN ISSUE in this CAMPAIGN. It is CHARACTER. To me, Mr. O is a lightweight in this department and McCain wins, hands down. There could have been 90 minutes of s...
He talks about helping poor and middle class people. He convinced people to put money in to the development of housing and it's obvious he did nothing more than grandstand. If he is FOR poor people, why didn't he follow up to insure that (a) homes were constructed by reputable contractors who did...
  That's what the media would have you believe. It's time to tap into reality.  SURVEY SAYS: I did a Quick Survey, to see whether or not  there is any money out there that banks were willing to lend. I put a call into a local branch of a one of the largest banks in the nation: (I can't name names...
You probably have heard the press make lots of fun of PAT Robertson this week. Anyone who is familiar with Operation Blessing knows what a great work this ministry does around the world. Personally, I don't care what others say about Pat Robertson. He is a man of God and has created this wonderfu...
The Bad News Bears are tooting their horns: "Wall street is down. The economy is down. Things are reeeeeeallly bad." WHAT SHALL WE DO?????? "Drink Up?"   "Give Up?"  "or  Look UP?" Recall how blessed we are to live in a country like this--where there will never be a lack of opportunity
“we got the babe” I almost couldn't stop laughin' at smilin’ Joey. Pallin, "The Babe", looked nervous for awhile, but overall, they pitched her the questions and she hit them out of the park. I thought she did a great job--"who won-who lost"--doesn't matter. How they came across is what mattered...

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Bluffton, Hilton Head Island Real Estate