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Having just gone through a closing where we got to the table and read the new deed to find out an easement we had assumed was there was not, I learned an extremely important lesson; taking things at face value can be a dangerous game to play. Luckily the deal proceeded without the easment in plac...
Doing my regular montly research on the 4 southern Maine counties that I follow I was quite alarmed at the transaction level seen this past May vs a year ago.  Combining the total transactions for the 4 counties of Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc and Lincoln, the level of total sold transactions was ...
I came across a blog entry claiming these were the most searched states for real estate via AOL search and thought I would verify it by logging into my a wordtracker account to see how accurate the results seen below are.I typed in each keyword below and the numbers in the ( ) are the results I g...
 It seems like a new disclosure is added every few months or so up here in Maine: our one page lead based paint disclosure turned intoa more complicate 3 page form a couple of years back, then came the arsenic in well water and the arsenic in treated wood disclosures, then the energy disclosure f...
An article today in the Boston Globe reminds me a blancing act our state must address going forward as more  parties lookto retire and relocate to the coast of Maine at the expense of the working waterfront populations loss of access to the ocean for fishing and commercial endeavors.   A survey d...
The maine tidal system is quite remarkable and necessary to understand for any agent looking to sell waterfront property in Maine as what a place looks like at high tide can differ drastically from what it looks like at low!   Does the listing agent have the responsibility to alert an out of town...
So I spend a lot of time on a bike perusing the neighborhoods, primarily in-town Portland and the city of Ships, Bath Maine.  Just thought I would see if I am the only crazy real estate agent who works sometimes from a bike or if this was a nationwide phenomenom.  For those who have the time it r...
Up here in Maine, there is quite a fiasco begining to form around the legislatures decision to raise the transfer tax on all transactions.   i was just wondering what transfer tax rates in other states might be.  Up here it is currenly at .44% and they are looking to raise it on sliding scale fro...
What constitutes the best?  Best content, best ranking, most leads, most visited?  As I and many others continue to work towards building our real estate empires, I seem to have become a bit obsessed or perhaps the better word is focused :) on optimizing and creating a website that is desgined to...
As I continue to add and rework content on my website this morning I recently did some research on the current market inventories as well as sold home statistics on  Real estate in Portland Maine. As of this entry there are about 430 residential properties on the market with an average price of 2...

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