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I am the owner of an inspection company, and my other passion is business & success coaching. I love to blog about sales & marketing, leadership principles, success principles, and personal growth. I am a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker.
BOOM!  It's the middle of February already! I KNOW!  You are as sick as I am hearing about GOALS! But really...are you still rocking your goals for 2015? It seems like the first of the year, we always get bent on setting new goals for the year ahead.  This is all good...but if you are like me, I ...
Mongolian Beef is my All-Time favorite Chinese Dish and Ron Marshall has the recipe right here!   Let me know how it comes out for ya!     You Are Going to Love This Chinese New Year Recipe! This is a recipe that Chief Cook picked up at the Senior Center, and it is a knock off of the Mongolian Be...
    Most of us tend to want to work on our weaknesses.  (We've been told this our whole lives and have come to believe it.) Working on our deficiencies is hard...and not much fun.  We don't thrive in our weaknesses. .......and - working on our weaknesses is NOT the best use of our time - allow m...
Great post by Anita Clark reminding us that Social Media is here to stay and that we need to create time to use it regularly to connect and engage with people! Are You Ready To Become a 2-Percent(er) I periodically get asked my opinion about social media, SEO, and blogging in general. While I am ...
    I have been thinking through my daily routine. I have not been happy with my routine lately and I wanted to really think through it and make some changes.  I feel that I should re-evaluate my routine on a regular basis - maybe quarterly to make sure I am maximizing my day. WHY are ROUTINES P...
This is my first attempt at Re-blogging, but Ron Marshall was so candid about blog ideas, I had to share this! An agent recently told me that he reblogs posts all the time, and he isn’t into writing content. .     I haven’t got a problem with that at all. However, it seems to me that someone is "...
When starting a new small business, it is imperative that you consider business networking as a major part of your marketing plans in order to be a success.     1.  Business Networking means getting comfortable with the “what do you do” question.  You will be asked this many times! 2.  Business N...

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