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What You Need To Know About Permitting & Installing A "HUD MFG ADU” We all have myriad choices in today's fast growing and vastly expanding universe of options, architectural styles, sizes and prices that we can invest in an Accessory Dwelling Unit aka “BACKYARD HOME”. As a general and manufactur...
ADU Projects That Can Break Your BudgetLet there be no doubt, ADU fever is everywhere and growing curiosity looms by the day across the Nation. Some States like California and Oregon are aggressively passing laws that make it easier to add a BACKYARD HOME to your property while others remain in l...
Hud Manufactured 'BACKYARD HOMES' aka "ADU" and Their BenefitsCALL TO ACTION: Join us for the 2ND ANNUAL ADU EXPO – VIRTUAL & FREE. January 23, 2021 | 9 AMIf you haven registered yet you still have time. We'd love to have you join us. This event is sponsored by the ADU COALITION of San Diego.A VI...
 ADU 4U? First Official HUD Manufactured ADU Installed in San Diego THE LEUCADIAN: 12x36, 432sf, 1bd/1bth Silvercrest HUD Manufactured ADUWe're receiving several requests for examples of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) aka BACKYARD HOMES. We will be featuring ongoing videos, photos and virtual tou...
Join us for the 2nd annual ADU Expo-FREE SAT, January 23, 2021, 9 am  Virtual Conference & ExpoLearn about ADUs from the professionals. How property/homeowners, families and investors can plan, design, finance and build their ADU. What Are The Benefits of HUD Manufactured BACKYARD HOMES?  HUD Ma...
Thank You Active Rain For Indulging My Blunder In Yesterday's Zoomeet!What a raucous but absolute blast and such a great way to start the New Year. Finally after a dozen plus years of communicating through our words and pics a real opportunity to get to know some of the personalities on Active Ra...
Accessory Dwelling Units aka BACKYARD HOMES for DUMMYSA 17 minute view of the BACKYARD HOME Movement The ADU industy is alive and well in San Diego and getting better by the day. A record number of ADU permits continue to be pulled in San Diego everyday inspite of the COVID crisis. Who would have...
 A Seniors Guide To Building A Modular "ADU"By now just about anyone who can fog a mirror in the real estate, construction and factory built housing industry knows what an ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT aka "ADU" is.This 11 part Webinar Series dives a little more into the weeds by providing information ...
How To Finance Your ADU With A "HECM" Reverse Mortgage.    We speak with senior homeowners everyday who would love to add a 'BACKYARD HOME' to their property but just don't have the money to do it and don't want to dig into their savings or retirement. However, they may have enough equity in the...
BACKYARD HOME aka ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU)Six new ADU laws were enacted on January 1, 2020. On Saturday February 22nd from 12-5 Senator Bob Wieckowski, the architect behind the ADU movement will be in San Diego to discuss these new laws in detail. All property/homeowners now have the right t...

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