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I am looking for a managing broker / recruiter but I don't know much about the typical compensation packages offered to managing brokers.Anybody have advice to share?
We just received this week's installment of NAR Weekly Newsletter for  1/17/2007. In this edition you will find a reference to a new book about selling a home. It's called the "NAR Guide to Home Selling." Here is a link to get more information about the content of the book.
Newbies, Amatuers, Apprentices or whatever you want to call them, just remember, we were all new to the business at one time. We've all been given an opportunity to succeed and we should do our best to help those that come after us.I agree that length of service does not necessarily qualify a per...
There has been a lot of talk of late concerning the minimum service laws (MSLs) and how anti-competitive it is for some agents or brokerage models. I personally believe that the MSLs are a good thing in that it requires all of us to be on equal footing at least at a very basic level. For those of...
Where to begin?Let us start by introducing ourselves. We are John & Peggy Gumhold and our company is JPEG Network Realty, Inc. also known as JNR. We are an independent brokerage located in Glendale Heights, Illinois a suburb of Chicago. Our primary focus is residential and light commercial/office...

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Real Estate issues, concerns and pet peeves.