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I teach real estate agents to cultivate relationships and to use technology to simplify the process. Youtube marketing, sms marketing, blogs and newsletter and optimizing for Google is my expertize.
This video on real estate marketings tips for new real estate agents who want to blog was created to share with you the some of the principles I believe in. And I think many other real estate agents believe in. Unfortunately most real estate agents are not online and some of them are scared to ta...
It’s natural to focus on the masses because that’s what we tend to do. We want to be everybody’s friend and a solution to everyone’s problems. We want to sell and list every home on the market. But that is where most real estate agents loose the plot. However, there are other real estate agents ...
Even if you are recommended; I believe that most of us are not using recommendations as affective as we can. Let me show you how you can formalize your recommendations and use it in this low trust business world we live in. The world where I will not trust you just because you work for a brand na...
Traditional real estate agents need to pay the messenger because they don't know any better. Slowly but surely a new breed of real estate agents are using tools that help them not to pay the messenger. This is what Seth Goldin had to say, "When the internet drove the cost of something down to zer...
Real Estate marketing using keywords is interesting and for me an ongoing experiment. In my previous post I bragged about getting the number one spot in Google using video. This success prompt me to write the article about it, using active rain and the same keywords. Never did I expect to get lis...
When I created a youtube real estate virtual tour I had one objective and that’s to show that I can get my video in the top ten search results for the keyword I chose. That’s not all. I also wanted to show that the video it self is important but using youtube to send traffic to your blog is the r...
I am sure you'll say yes. But do you truly understand the principle behind this? Or should I rather ask; are you abundantly wealthy because enough people like you?According to Joe Girard, you need to offer people just two things: a fair price and someone they like to buy from. Joe has been called...
Creating a blog and newsletter for your real estate listing area is what I propose. My idea is that as real estate agents we need to dominate our listing area and we can do it using and blog and newsletter dedicated to the area. One of the problems you'll have is finding article ideas that will i...
  A few days ago I got a call from interviewing me how real estate agents can use Youtube. What a surprise! I am becoming the famous expert – I never expected this? How did they find me? They did a search for real estate agents using Youtube. The lesson I want to share; “Become Th...


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Many real estate agents want to sell homes and that's great. It's there approach in expecting the kiss on the first date that disappoint me. Real estate agents canvas for new listings but they have no way of using technology like blogging and a newsletter to cultivate relationships. I canvas once. Ask the owner to subscribe to my free newsletter and then never have to canvas again.